I am a PhD candidate in Computing and Information Systems at UNC-Charlotte. My work is at the intersection of Human-Computer Interaction, Computational Social Science, and Information Visualization.

My work consists of a lot of behavioral studies, visualizations, and quantitative/qualitative data analysis. I study how we make decisions about news on social media, and how social media impacts our lives in cities.

I'm also passionate about design! And I teach computational design at UNC-Charlotte's School of Architecture.

Some highlights of my work

Studying the Effects of Cognitive Biases in Evaluation of Conversational Agents

Check out our new Honerable Mention CHI2020 paper about how numerical anchors can significantly alter results of survey evaluations.

Battling Misinformation Using Multi-Modal Visual Analytics

At the 24th International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces (IUI), I presented my work on designing Visual Analytics Systems for battling Misinformation.
Check out the paper!

Bridging the information and physical space

At CUPUM 2019, I discuss a method to develop flow polylines using episodic geolocated tweet data and analyzing flows generated from Twitter in relation to urban space.

Urban Activity Explorer

In this video, I discuss the different components of Urban Activity Explorer, a visual analytics for urban planning.

Vulnerable to Misinformation? Verifi!

In this video, I discuss the different components of Verifi, a visual Analytics system for battling Misinformation.

AirHugs: An interactive installation

In collaboration with Professor Dickey, we used computer vision to create baloons that would inflate or deflate based on users' location. We won the ARCC research incentive award!


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CV / Resume

You can download my CV here

Sound Design

My experiments on music-making. I learn as I move forward.

Visual Design

Graphic design, photography, typography, cartography, music, video, media. Check out my artwork at: